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How Should the Left Think About Crime? w/ Adaner Usmani | The Jacobin Show

Adaner Usmani, assistant professor of sociology and social studies at Harvard University, joins us to discuss the current wave of violent crime in the US, the law-and-order backlashes of prior decades, and the origins of mass incarceration.

The Jacobin Show airs every Wednesday at 6 PM ET and offers a socialist perspective on class and capitalism in the twenty-first century, the failures of liberalism, and the prospects of rebuilding a left labor movement in the US. The hosts are Jen Pan, Ariella Thornhill, and Paul Prescod.

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00:00 The Left vs Right-Wing Backlash
12:10 Broken System, Not ‘Broken Families’
33:10 Adaner Usmani: the history of crime and how to respond


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