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How to Apply for Rentista or Investor Residency

In this video I will review the current procedures to apply for Rentista or Investor Residency at the Department of Immigration in Costa Rica.
To apply for residency under the Rentista category (Article 82), the applicant must show that they will receive at least US$2,500 per month of income in a permanent, stable and irrevocable manner for at least 2 years. This category includes the applicant, their spouse and all their children which are under the age of 25.

The Investor Category (Article 79 (4) ) requires an applicant to demonstrate that they have made an investment in Costa Rica. To qualify for investment status the applicant must show that they have invested at least US$200,000 in Costa Rica.

Due to Covid regulations the Department of Immigration is working by appointment only so it is important that you understand how this impacts your residency application process.

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