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How to Follow Your Heart and Access Your Creative Energy with Adam Roa | JGRP 015

Welcome back to The Jason Goldberg Is Ruining Podcasting Podcast! Today, Jason has Adam Roa on the podcast and the two talk about all things related to creativity, igniting your creator self, dealing with lack of creativity, and following your heart and intuition when creativity seems far away. Being a creative person is a characteristic we all are born with so releasing it throughout our life should not be a difficult process.

“Everyone’s creative energy is completely unique and I don’t believe that there is anything more healing than your unique frequency and essence being allowed to express through you and out into the world.” – Adam Roa

Adam explains that being creative is a consequence of facing resistance from a certain situation; it’s a way out. For that reason, the creative process is sometimes draining and can trigger self doubt (“Am I really capable of doing this?”). But once you push past the self doubt you won’t regret it.

“Few people understand how much space creativity requires and creativity is the expansion of what your brain is able to put together.” – Adam Roa

In addition, Jason and Adam talk about what aspects of life help bring creativity to the surface. Self expression, self love, vulnerability, and even getting out of our comfort zone are all helpful for creativity. Being comfortable with discomfort requires being comfortable with yourself, and that’s already halfway there.

“The world is craving authenticity. We’re at a stage where authenticity has almost become dangerous because it’s got to a point where no one knows what to believe so people are grasping onto things and ideologies and dogmas that are causing harm to a lot of people on this planet.” – Adam Roa

About Adam Roa
Adam Roa is an artist, poet, coach, and host of The Deep Dive Podcast. With a background of personal training, Adam saw the importance of not only bringing health and wellness to the physical body, but also to the conscious mind. Through his company The Create Community and his organization Surrendered Artist, Adam helps people find their innate magic & creativity, making it serve both the professional and personal life.

Key Timestamps
[04:59] – Adam explains how his persona is a collective of interests;
[11:18] – Adam’s old personal reality shaped his personality;
[15:33] – How personal growth & creativity impacted Adam’s overall growth;
[24:57] – Understanding the creative process;
[31:42] – How to be in love with the creative process;
[36:56] – Adam’s visualization of creative process in 4 steps;
[41:39] – How to let creativity talk?
[56:35] – The correlation between financial stability, goals, and creativity;
[01:05:43] – #It’sGameTime: The Even Deeper Dive with Adam Roa;
[01:21:03] – What it takes to be a creative human being and express yourself;
[01:28:18] – #OMiG: Adam tells an embarrassing, but liberating story;
[01:33:20] – Sharing is an aspect of healing (but only if you allow it to);
[01:45:42] – Making money is good, but expressing yourself along the way is better;
[01:52:35] – What Adam wants to ruin before he leaves this planet;

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