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Impossibility versus Possibility with Tony Chapman

In this lively video I introduce you to Tony Chapman. Tony is a marketing strategist and the host of Chatter that Matters, a partnership with Royal Bank of Canada. He is an Empath and compassionate, and cares about humanity, he is a true storyteller. We cover what it means to be a human being, what he values, his volunteer initiatives, his entrepreneurship, the admiration he has for small business owners in Canada, and the many other things that matter to Tony. This was insightful and full inspiration. You can follow Tony at


The Tea and Chocolate series dedicated to stories of courage which guides us to live from a place of true self-expression. My hope is that it will inspire you to connect with your own self-expression, but also to help you connect to the greater world around you through the stories shared in these interviews. We are all sharing this world and I believe we should share our stories too.

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