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Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy Abroad – Costa Rica Medical Tourism Testimonial

Peggy and Debra Berg, the mother-daughter duo from California, had their lap gastric sleeve operation in Costa Rica on the same day by the same bariatric surgeon in the same hospital. This video was recorded 11 months after their sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Costa Rica.
They had tried all kinds of diets like Weight watchers, southeast diet, fruit diet, and so on. They also tried working out in the gym.
Because of their higher BMI, they had problems like knee pain and co-morbidities like high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.
But gastric sleeve in the US was beyond their budget. Another problem they faced was that Peggy was considered ineligible for bariatric surgery in the US. She was 70 years old when she got the surgery done; 60 is the cut-off for weight loss surgery in the US.
So, they researched on the net for cheaper options for sleeve resection surgery and found Medical Tourism Corporation. They decided on Costa Rica for their weight loss surgery and ended up saving about 40% of what they’d have to pay in the US.
Debra is pleased that Medical Tourism Corporation answered all the questions, and she asked many.
The hospital in Costa Rica to which they went had all the modern equipment and the staff was courteous and professional. There were always English-speaking people around them or they had interpreters. They stayed in private rooms at the hospital which was spacious enough for a companion.
Post-gastric sleeve surgery, Debra lost 80 pounds and Peggy 55. Their general health has improved drastically.
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