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"LIVE" Q&A Shopping in Costa Rica – Tips to KNOW before Shopping in Costa Rica

Questions and Answers about Shopping in Costa Rica.

When you shop in Costa Rica, make sure you want that item. Returns are NOT normal here and since we’ve been in Costa Rica, I can count on two hands how many times I’ve gotten a no-hassle return when shopping in Costa Rica.

Shopping in Costa Rica is as different as NIGHT and DAY. And for all you Walmart FANS… The Walmarts in Costa Rica DO NOT have Return Centers.

In the USA…you can buy nearly anything and EVEN after using it a while, if you decide you don’t want it anymore, you can return it for NO REASON and get your money back.

Heck…I know of some people who will buy a dress, wear it to a party, and then take it back the next day. Ain’t that abusing the System???

Well, AIN’T nobody abusing the system in Costa Rica!!!

When money leaves your hands…KISS it GOOD-BYE, you AIN’T getting that money back and you’re darn lucky if you get a replacement.

Our next LIVE will be Sunday at 2 PM EST and we’ll discuss and share our experiences and what you can expect when you are shopping in Costa Rica.

Remember, like always, we’ll share and discuss our experiences for about 30 minutes and then shut down “LIVE Broadcast” so we can start a NEW Q&A LIVE so we can take time to answer all your questions.


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