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Meniscus Tear Repair Costa Rica

Expert orthopedic costa Rican surgeon talks about meniscus repair & meniscectomy surgery. According to him the meniscus tissue in the knee plays many roles. For instance, it helps to protect the cartilage from damage; it biomechanically stabilizes the knee, etc.

When there is a meniscal tear, first non-surgical means of treatment like physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory medication, and avoiding strenuous physical activity for some time like sports should be tried. Most meniscal injuries heal by themselves.
If the knee pain does not go away, then meniscal repair is done by meniscal preservation techniques. In meniscal surgery, decisions have to be taken on-site. Even if an MRI is done beforehand and it is ascertained that meniscal repair needs to be done, the meniscus is made of different parts. And only when incisions are made and the knee surgeon looks inside the knee, he/she can decide if the damaged part of the meniscus will or won’t heal. If it doesn’t look like it will heal, the damaged part of the meniscus has to be removed, instead of trying to repair it.

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