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My One week vacation in Costa Rica 2021 Vlog, Part 1 (San Jose, Monteverde, La Fortuna)

Have one week to go on vacation or travel to Costa Rica? I visited Costa Rica in April 2021 and wanted to share with you my journey there. This video shows my Vlog for Day 1 and 2. So stay tune for the rest. Is coming!!
One very important thing to note is the sunsets are very early in Costa Rica (6p.m) and dont advice driving there when is dark. The roads are very curvy and 99.9% of the time only one lane.

Day 1
-Arrived at San Jose
-Shuttle to Car Rental
-Drove 3 hours to Monteverde along the beautiful countryside.

Day 2
-To Monteverde Forest Reserve
-Drove 1.5 -2 hours to La Fortuna

As always please let me know know if you have any question and I’ll be happy to answer them and Thank you so much for watching!

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