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Nat Geo Top Rated Eco Lodge, Episode 2 of 4

Pacuare Lodge is rated a Nat-Geo top eco-lodge known for it’s remote tropical location, but also for providing 5 star service and accommodations, outdoor excursions & tours while maintaining eco-friendly practices, self-sustainability, and a very low environmental impact.

The Pacuare River is also one of National Geographic’s best rated rafting trips due to the expansive amount of environments and scenery the river covers, from rainforests to waterfalls, to lowland tropical forests.

Join us for episode 2 of our Costa Rica series as we zip-line into our river lodge where we spend the night on the river, have lunch 80″ high in the forest canopy, and raft about 12 miles down the Pacaure River the next day.

I hope you’ll join us and experience it all with us in this episode from the infamous Pacuare River 🇨🇷

Presented by @costaricaexperts
Filmed & Produced by Tom Corpolongo

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