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Nicaragua travel guide – 10 best reasons to visit! | Budget backpacking two weeks

Budget travel guide featuring the 10 best things about Nicaragua.

Is Nicaragua cheap for travel? Is Nicaragua safe for tourists and how dangerous is Managua to visit? A two week travel guide on a budget, including Masaya volcano, Granada, León, Managua and Laguna de Apoyo.

How to backpack Nicaragua as a solo traveler, what to see and the best places to visit.

Answers questions like: Is it expensive to travel Nicaragua? Where to go? What to do in Nicaragua? What is the security like? Where to find volcanoes? What to do as a tourist? Is it expensive or cheap to travel Nicaragua? Can you drink alcohol, is it safe for women, backpacking + solo travel and is there a risk for violence?21 week itinerary for safe backpacking travel.


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