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Off the Grid Permaculture Farm in the Jungle of Costa Rica

John from goes on a field trip to Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies for a week long retreat.

In this episode, John will take you on a mini tour of Punta Mona, an off the grid, zero waste, permaculture food forest in the jungle on the Carribean Side of Costa Rica near Panama,

You will learn how Punta Mona is able to grow a lush food forest and botanical garden right on the ocean front by creating fertility on site. You will learn some of the ways they create fertility on site by using local resources as well as inputs that are brought on site.

You will learn some of the principles and ethics of Permaculture and discover if they are being put into practice at Punta Mona Permaculture farm.

You will discover some of the many fruit trees, vegetables and herbs that are being grown at Punta Mona and learn about the Mangosteen tree and its fruit.

You will get a brief tour of some of the facilities at Punta Mona so you will know what to expect if you will be attending a workshop, retreat, adventure camp or other events at Punta Mona.

John will share with you his opinions about Punta Mona and his experience there as well as what he thought about the facilities and some of the maintenance of this center in the middle of the jungle.

After watching this episode you will learn more about permaculture, building your soil, permaculture principles and Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design and Botanical Studies.

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