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Origins Lodge by Mantis – A Mantis Eco Lodge Experience

In a place where time stands still, ORIGINS exists.

Suspend your ordinary life and dive into a spectacular adventure into the alchemy of the mystic in the high tropical jungles of Costa Rica.

Let the volume of nature place you in a world both raw and luxurious.
ORIGINS offers a chance to rediscover the world that is in front of you, to ally your thoughts and wonder in a connection to what you like, old and new. So castoff and cast away on a vacation that will renew how you see your world.

ORIGINS, comprising of six luxury lodges and the three-bedroom Villa Vertigo, is a singular property capturing the untamed luxury of Mother Nature alongside Costa Rica’s fascinating pre-Columbian history.

Mantis luxury hotels, eco lodges, and waterways are dream holiday and vacation experiences located around the world. Sustainable travellers have been enjoying eco tourism, safaris, and adventure travel with Mantis since 2000.

What’s the best eco lodge? We believe that a Mantis property will help you check an experience or global travel trip off your bucket list.

What’s the best hotel for sustainable travel? Join fulfilled sustainable travellers from around the world who have enjoyed eco tourism experiences, safaris, and adventure travel with the Mantis Collection of luxury hotels.

Are there hotels focused on conservation? Yes there are! With Mantis you can have your next vacation at a luxury hotel, eco lodge, or waterway that is passionate about conservation and serving local communities.

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