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Outrageous Offers, Perceived Value and Positioning with Trevor Toecracker Crook

Trevor “Toecracker” Crook excels at crafting outrageous offers for his clients to use. With a knack for positioning and for copy that sells, he puts together deals you wouldn’t expect to work – but they do.

In this interview, hear about his successes and the thought behind his offers. Listen too as he shares tips for writing irresistible copy. It’s all in this episode of SuperFastBusiness.

Download the full PDF transcription

In the podcast:

01:00 – The origin of an odd name
02:15 – When you get past the tough exterior…
04:04 – Would you write my bio?
06:05 – How to be outrageous with your offer and sales copies
08:52 – Why more people don’t do it
11:09 – Has it ever gone terribly wrong?
16:27 – The restaurant and the florist
19:40 – Putting a price on a free report
23:53 – Proceed with us, and we give you back the fee
25:25 – Proof, positioning, and higher pricing
28:30 – The sales copy you must have in a good proposal
31:03 – Why you want a good mix of case studies
36:33 – How to start when you haven’t got case studies
38:37 – Wrapping up the episode

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