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Prime Movers Lab Precision Ag Webinar (10/14/20)

Learn about the top trends and technologies in precision agriculture. Hosted by Prime Movers Lab partners Suzanne Fletcher and Dan Slomski, and features the following founders and industry experts:

Michael Norcia is the CEO and co-founder of Pyka. Pyka is a developer of autonomous planes designed to make agricultural chemical application safe, fast and precise. The company’s aircraft technology use autonomous flight controller and onboard sensors to fly precise paths and land safely, while detecting the right timing and path for spraying on the target areas so that it can compensate with the wind and reduce the drift, enabling cultivators to spray agricultural chemicals and dust crops over hills and challenging terrains, while using less chemical per acre and decreasing accidental exposure. Prime Movers Lab led Pyka’s seed round in 2019.

Shely Aronov is the CEO and co-founder of InnerPlant. InnerPlant is a developer of a biosensor sentinel plant platform designed to provide farming information and analysis. The company’s platform is solving the costly farming information gap by sensing molecular changes directly from the plant, enabling farmers to use early, specific and actionable data.

Kyle Cobb is the CFO and co-Founder of, a venture-backed startup based in Davis that is focused on robotic crop harvesting. At, Kyle is reunited with a Founding team that had prior success in robotics with a company called Greenbotics. Greenbotics pioneered robotic solar panel cleaning for utility-scale solar farms, and was ultimately acquired by SunPower in 2013. He lives in Davis with his wife and two kids.


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