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Pura Vista Hotel Tour | Playa Octal | Costa Rica

In this video I bring you along for our Pura Vista Hotel Tour in Playa Octal, Costa Rica. Check out our room, the pool and the views and then find out what we thought of our stay.

Planning a visit to Playa Octal, Costa Rica? Book your stay with Pura Vista Boutique Hotel and check out our other recommendations using the links below.

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Short on time? No worries! Feel free to use the chapter links below to skip ahead in this video to the topic of your choice and be sure to let me know in the comments if you’ve ever stayed at Pura Vista Hotel in Playa Octal 👇

00:00 Morning in Playa Octal
01:07 Pura Vista Hotel Room Tour
02:00 Do You Need a Rental Car?
02:30 Pura Vista Hotel Parking
02:58 Local Area (Playa Octal)
04:45 Pura Vista Pool and View
05:51 Pura Vista Hotel Review

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*Please note: Although I would never recommend a hotel or villa that I did not enjoy, it is important to note that the hotel link on this page is an affiliate link. This means that by booking your next stay using my link, I receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you)

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