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PY – A7 – Costa Rica – Off the traditional paths…

This is a compilation of different photos from our 2019 Costa Rica trip.
The round trip lasted about three weeks.

We booked the trip with travel agency Bella Aventura Costa Rica.
It was a round trip with a focus on nature.

The trip was fantastic. We saw great nature and visited many great national parks.
The journey took us from San Jose to Tortuguero, further to the border with Nicaragua, further to the Pacific, over the interior back to the Caribbean.
We saw a lot of animals and plants.
In particular monkeys, tapirs, crocodiles, poison dart frogs, countless birds (parrots, hummingbirds, …), snakes, …

The people were all very friendly.
We had very good accommodations in small ecolodges.
The Bella Aventura employees were always available for us in an emergency.

All photos were taken by myself. These photos are just a small selection of the very, very many …

A great trip with lasting experiences. Great!


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