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Reasons I Should Leave Costa Rica What Am I Waiting For? Costa Rica FAIL

#LivinginCostaRica #ExpatLife #LeavingCostaRica ‘Reasons I Should Leave Costa Rica What Am I Waiting for? Costa Rica FAIL’

It ALL started when I posted this video about a week ago-
The Real Reasons Expats Leave Costa Rica after 2 Years-

After making that video I started reflecting on my own life in Costa Rica as an expat. 15 years of it to be exact. There’s actually a LOT of videos about, ‘Why American’s (Expats) Leave Costa Rica’ on the internet and they all basically site the same reasons- Costa Rica is Expenisve. Some folks don’t like the red tape, bureaucracy, in Costa Rica. Otheres site they left Costa Rica for the non-stop minor annoyances; bugs, rain, constantly barking dogs, bad service etc.’ A large number of people left Costa Rica because they couln’t make their business work or they ran out of money. Health problems and missing the kids (family) also made into many peoples’ top 10 reasons why they left Costa Rica. Anyway, upon reflection, I have had all these issues times 10. Everyone. Failed business in Costa Rica, ran out of money, family issues, relationship issues, minor annoyances, red tape, personal issues. So why am I, michael alan, still living in Costa Rica when I surely should have left long ago. Check out this video to see what’s up, ‘Reasons I Should Leave Costa Rica What Am I Waiting for? Costa Rica FAIL’. I think this will give a lot of perspective to who makes it in Costa Rica and who doesn’t.

Actually it all came from this BS advertisement disguised as a legit article in the Tico Times-

“International Living, a United States-based publication specializing in — you guessed it — living internationally, named Costa Rica as the world’s best place to retire in 2021. Costa Rica ranks first on International Living’s list, which also names Panama, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador in a Latin America-heavy top-10.

Why Costa Rica? According to Kathleen Evans, International Living’s Costa Rica correspondent, the Central American country “attracts millions of visitors and foreign residents throughout the year with its tropical climate; lower cost of living; friendly locals; affordable medical care; vast real estate options; and, of course, its natural beauty.”

“One of the things you hear often from expats is how warm and welcoming the Ticos are,” Evans writes. “You will also find engaging international communities of expats who will help you through the process of acclimation.”  

Forget International Living. If you really want to get a good idea if Costa Rica is right for you? Check OUT these videos and you will know within the hour if you should pursue a life in Costa Rica or NOT.

*The Ten Commandments for Living in Costa Rica-
*Living in Costa Rica The Top 10 Things You May Hate-
*Oldy but a goody. Still relevant- Living in Costa Rica Culture Shock- *Costa Rica 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Move There-
*Living Cheap in Costa Rica-

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I hope you ENjoYEd this video, ‘Reasons I Should Leave Costa Rica What Am I Waiting for? Costa Rica FAIL’ and hope it helps you make a better decision on whether Costa Rica is right for you. From all of us at Travel Costa Rica Pura Vida


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