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Requirements to Enter Costa Rica – Health Pass Costa Rica – COVID TEST Locations & Travel Tips

Let’s talk about the Requirements to Enter Costa Rica and outline the 6 steps which will make your travel to Costa Rica easy.

We’ll show you the best place to get your Travel Insurance, Fill out the Health Pass together so you know what to expect, and learn exactly what to do before going to the airport so you don’t have any problems when it’s time to fly to Costa Rica.

Download the FREE PDF at

But if your home country requires you to get a COVID Test before going home…YOU need to know where to get a Covid test.

So…we’ll give you a PDF that will tell you where you can get a COVID test regardless of where in Costa Rica you are enjoying Paradise.

The requirements to enter Costa Rica change often so the best place to stay updated is in our new Living in Costa Rica Forum.

It’s Free to join and there you can keep updated with the latest on the Requirements to Enter Costa Rica and download the FREE PDF.


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