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Scott Leese – How to network online

Scott Leese is a 6x start-up sales leader with a track record of taking SaaS businesses from $0-$25M ARR in 2 years. He also has a robust network and following on LinkedIn (and other platforms!) which he cultivates to fuel success both for the businesses he works for and for his recently formed consulting practice, Scott Leese Consulting (

He built his career on his network and recognized early that building your community online leads to exponential business opportunity and growth.

Learn from Scott how to make meaningful connections online and cultivate a community that will carry you from one job to the next and help shape your business success and career.

Scott teaches us:

-How to develop a long-term networking strategy. You never know when an opportunity will arise from someone you connected with years ago.
-How to always be top of mind. You don’t have to create content to stay relevant. Responding to and interacting with other people’s content is just as valuable.
-How to be an entrepreneur with a corporate job. Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to come with all the risk – it’s a mindset that anyone can bring into their professional life.

Listen to Scott discuss how he entered the business world at 27, hit the ground running and hustled day after day to become one of the top startup sales leaders in the country.

Check out:

Scott’s podcast, Surf and Sales:…xGFZpRgi1Yw&nd=1

Scott’s books:…ng_rwt_scns_share

Scott’s LinkedIn:

Scott’s virtual meetup, Thursday Night Sales:


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