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Selvatura Park, Monteverde Costa Rica

Selvatura Park is a nature adventure park in Monteverde with an exciting ziplining tour, hanging bridges, reptile and amphibian exhibit, butterfly and hummingbird garden and ecological awareness sloth center.

The park is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the best of Monteverde in just 1 day.

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Good morning guys, today we are at Selvatura Park in Monteverde. This is one of the more popular parks in the area with ziplining, hanging bridges, so we’re going to go and experience the park today, so you guys can see what it’s like.

Selvatura Park is about 6 kilometers or 4 miles from downtown Santa Elena in Monteverde and one of the most popular activities at this nature park is the hanging bridges.

Their hanging bridges trail is 1.9 miles or 3 kilometers and allows visitors to trek through the treetops of the cloud forest for incredible panoramic views. There are 8 bridges in total with lengths of 170 to 560 feet. Visitors can take a guided or non guided walk of the hanging bridges.

Selvatura Park also has a hummingbird garden where you can see 14 different species of beautiful hummingbirds.

So if you guys come here and get the full day pass, lunch is included. We got a fruit juice drink, soup or salad and this is one of the main courses you can choose from. This is a vegetarian casado and Yeison got rice with chicken.

Another activity at Selvatura Park you can do is visit their butterfly garden to see over 30 different species of butterflies found throughout Costa Rica.

The park also has a reptile and amphibian exhibit where visitors can take a guided tour to learn about lizards, snakes and frogs found in costa Rica.

But the most exciting activity they have at the park is their zipline tour with 13 cables, 15 platforms, a tarzan swing and one cable that is 1 kilometer long. The zipline tour lets you soar over the trees with stunning views of the cloud forest as far as the eye can see. Visitors also have the option to upgrade the longest cable to do it superman style for the ultimate cloud forest ziplining experience. There are also a couple cables where you go tandem ziplining!

One of the newest exhibits of the park is their ecological awareness center which houses over 10 rescue sloths. Visitors can take a guided tour to learn more about sloths in Costa Rica.

I hope you guys enjoyed our video of our full day here at Selvatura Park in Monteverde. If you guys want more information about it, just click on the links below and thanks for watching.

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