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Spearfishing Tuna in Costa Rica 2021

Fin + Forage is grateful for the opportunity to help launch a new wellness resort in Costa Rica that will include foraging, cooking, freediving and spearfishing excursions. This was some footage from our exploratory trip where we got to learn a lot about the Guanacaste coast and fishery. There was an abundance of amazing fish to eat and we scored big time with a 54 pound Cubera Snapper and a 68 pound Tuna. A ton of studying, gear, organization and teamwork helped us with our especially productive spearfishing adventures and we were able to feed a LOT of people a LOT of fish.

We would especially like to thank the guides, captains, crew and hosts who were all incredibly hospitable.

Bamboo Reef
John Lewis
Leisure by Design

Spearo Vida Spearfishing

Luke Vanis
Nick Nechay


Toura Vida Experiences

Samara Deep Sea Fishing


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