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Spiritual Oneness vs. Identity Politics

How can we say “All is One” when the way society perceives our Ego identities can determine who lives and who dies at a traffic stop? Is there a way to both “awaken” and “get woke”?

This is one explanation I have of how to reframe spiritual Oneness to include the importance of ending structural oppression of different identities. Note that this video is primarily geared towards explaining this concept to “spiritual people” who are societally privileged (primarily other white folks, #radicalspiritualityforwhiteliberals!), but of course is available for anyone who might find value in it. My intention is to offer perspective from my own experience, not to speak for anyone else’s experience.

That overly-academic blog post I wrote on the subject:

As mentioned, a really beautiful essay I read a while back on psychedelics and race*:,-rainbow-bodies-psychedelics-and-race
*I know there was a talk I watched on this subject that was also amazing, but I can’t remember the name of it to find it and link it. Please post more links like this in the comments though if you have any to share!

Keep on loving, keep on fighting ~


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