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Strengths and Failures of the U.S. Medical System: Public Health Lessons From COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed many of the strengths and failings of U.S. Medical System. Dr. Richard Olds describes how our for-profit healthcare system and our lack of investment in public health contributed to our inability to respond effectively to the pandemic. These impacts included the lack of capacity and medical supplies, inadequate contact tracing and slow vaccine distribution

00:00 Intro to Dr. Olds
00:44 U.S. Healthcare Overview
01:58 The Strengths of the U.S. Healthcare System: Innovation & Acute Care
03:26 The Lack of Public Health Infrastructure
04:30 The Lack of Universal Healthcare
06:40 Why is U.S. Healthcare in the So Expensive?
08:46 The Lack of Value Placed on Mental Health in the U.S.
10:30 Racial and Economic Disparities in Healthcare
12:09 The For-Profit Model: When Capitalism and Public Health Don’t Align
15:28 Looking to the Future: Lessons From the Pandemic


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