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Surfing in Costa Rica – CR as a Surf Travel Destination, with Dan Williams

What is the Costa Rica’s best surf break? What are Costa Rica’s best surf communities or locations? OK, both of those questions are, at a minimum, highly contentious and subject to the whims and preferences of any surfer.

But let’s be clear: surfing in Costa Rica is an important part of life, an important part of tourism and one of the reasons why many people end up moving to Costa Rica is that the country has so many good surf breaks.

Being a Hoosier (from the midwestern state of Indiana in the United States), I have absolutely no knowledge about surfing and so I asked my colleague Dan Williams to join me for an interview about Costa Rica surf travel in general.

Dan’s passion for surfing has taken him all over the world, from his home in England through the rest of Europe and Central and South America. In this interview we discuss some basic questions about surfing in Costa Rica, how Costa Rica compares to other surf destinations, and why Costa Rica’s surf breaks stand out in the international surfing community.

4:28 – What kind of reputation does Costa Rica have in the international surf travel community?
6:15 – Are there particular Costa Rica surf spots that are known for their consistency?
8:54 – How does Costa Rica, as a country, compare to other countries that are big surf travel destinations?
11:40 – How does Costa Rica’s surf scene and community compare to other countries’?
20:48 – What is Costa Rica’s best surf break? (According to Dan)

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