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The Customer Engagement Lab – Episode 11

Someone told us we need therapy. Imagine that!

But he was right. We do need therapy. So do you probably.

One out of every five people in American is living with a serious mental health condition.

Even if you’re normal (you’re not; you hang out with us), shit still happens. People die. Divorce looms. Financial trauma hits hard.

Pretty much none of us were taught how to handle the gritty side of life. Too many of us just fold under its weight.

On this episode of The Customer Engagement Lab, we talk seriously (for once!) about addiction and mental health. Our guest is Tim Clarke, Marketing Leader at Salesforce and Co-Founder & CEO at UNCrushed.

We discuss:

-The reasons Travis first went to therapy at age 25
-The impact storytelling can make on your career and your mental health
-Why Tim got so passionate about mental health that he made it a side hustle
-Getting people to talk about mental health in the workplace


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