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The Frog Pod EP03: Lets talk GETTING AROUND in Costa Rica

The Frog Pod EP03: Getting Around in Costa Rica.
Every week we’ll bring you a new episode from our new video podcast series talking all things Costa Rica with local and international travel experts from the region.

Episode 03 discusses the best ways to get around Costa Rica. This means we discuss all forms of transport from private charter flights to horseback, we cover the full spectrum of travelling here in Costa Rica. This week Adam is talking to local travel experts Chelsey Perron and Kathleen Hall.

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Questions/Topics covered in this episode:
2:40 How many ways of getting around are there in Costa Rica?
4:15 Whats the public transport like?
6:15 How safe is public transport?
7:50 Whats the public shuttles like?
9:50 Private transportation, how much is it?
13:30 Pros & cons of domestic flights
15:20 Fun experiences whilst flying?
18:15 Interesting Airstrips around Costa Rica
18:50 Rental Cars – should you chose them?
20:25 Is a 4×4 essential?
22:35 Do you get GPS with your rental? Do you need it?
24:30 Taxi Vs Uber
26:15 How long does it take to get the hot spots from San Jose?
28:10 Whats the best way to get into San Jose from the airport?
30:00 Whats the road like up to Monteverde these days?
31:25 Is it safe to fly in the rainy season?

32:00 Quick Fire Questions!
33:05 Things you wish you knew about Costa Rica before moving here?


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