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The Frog Pod EP07: Let's talk FAMILY TRAVEL to Costa Rica

The Frog Pod EP07: FAMILY TRAVEL to Costa Rica.
Every week we’ll bring you a new episode from our new video podcast series talking all things Costa Rica with local and international travel experts from the region.

This week Adam is talking to local travel experts and resident mom’s: Jamie Looper and Anastasia Maddaloni all things family related in Costa Rica!
It’s an important topic so that we can help you guys out and cover all those concerns or questions you might have when taking your family to Costa Rica!

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Presented by Adam Baker
Edited by Brayan Mendez.

Produced by Namu Media for Costa Rican Vacations.

Questions/Topics covered in this episode:
2:35 – How did you like moving back to Costa Rica?
3:40 – Why is Costa Rica a great travel destination for kids?
5:00 – Whats it like traveling with a 8 and 12 year old?
8:00 – It’s easy to get to CR for families!
9:00 – What the best activities for kids under 10?
14:00 – It’s educational!
14:45 – What’s great for teenagers?
17:20 – What the best beach hotels for families?
19:40 – What the best hotel options for the Arenal Volcano region?
21:45 – The resorts and hotels are very safe indeed.
24:10 – Costa Rica is a social place for kids!
25:25 – What the top safety tips for families?
27:00 – How comfortable are you travelling with a baby?
30:10 – What are the biggest misconceptions about taking your kids to Costa Rica?
33:30 – Where is the best spot for a family reunion with plenty of activities?
36:05 – What is the ideal age for kids going to Costa Rica?
37:15 – 50/50 quickfire segment!
39:00 – What do you wish you had known before you came to Costa Rica?

Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort –
Tulemar Resort –
The Springs Resort –
Arenal Kioro –
Arenal Springs –
Las Catalinas –


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