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The Nuclear Ban Treaty: A game-changer for female participation?

This is the recording of the second webinar of SCRAP Weapons’ webinar series on ‘Feminist Leadership in Disarmament’.

This webinar focuses on the TPNW, asking ‘The Nuclear Ban Treaty: A game-changer for female participation?’

The webinar explores how the TPNW, recently entered into force, provides a unique aspect for a more effective participation of women in nuclear disarmament. As being the first nuclear international agreement to address gender impacts on nuclear weapons, the TPNW creates new landmarks towards a full representation of women. This representation goes beyond the involvement of women in weapons negotiations to touch on the role of women to ensure the implementation of the treaty.

Each of the speakers delivers a presentation, before questions from the audience are answered.

Our Panellists are:

Maritza Chan, Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of Costa Rica to the United Nations

Alicia Sander-Zakre, Policy and Research Coordinator at the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

The webinar is moderated by Marla Zgheib and Jannis Kappelmann.


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