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Thor’s Europe Trip with a twist of a Heist. Gassed in a train!!!

Many years ago I made this trip in Europe and went through 10 countries.
England, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Czech, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France. All in 30 days. But half way I was involved in a huge train heist. Hear the story. I will also enlighten your thoughts more about me and who I am.
I changed the pictures up because Europe is a very well known place for movies. Plus I was robbed and it ruined about a weeks of my time. But I held strong and came out very happy on the other side. We live life and we learn. This story might scare some more than going to a south east Asia nation. Lol. If you only want to hear the story of the heist go to 16 minutes.
If you want to hear a very interesting story then start at 15 minutes
Lawyer/ Attorney storyline: Carrying my dirty laundry bag. 15 min
Heist Storyline: 16 min

I am a world life travel enthusiast. I have traveled half my life and for a third of it I have recorded it. If you are new to my channel, welcome and thank you. I have hundreds of videos with content that is unimaginable from all over this amazing planet we have. Please support me &
Have a wonderful journey in this fabulous world!

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