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Thousands of people travel in pursuit of cheap cosmetic surgery

1. Aeroplane landing at Costa Rica’s International Airport
2. Airport interior
3. Tourists walking out of airport
4. Various of tourist activities
5. Close up on computer screen to plastic surgeon Luis Da Cruz Dos Santos
6. Patient talking with Da Cruz Dos Santos
7. Patient meeting Da Cruz Dos Santos
8. SOUNSDBITE: (Spanish) Luis Da Cruz Dos Santos, plastic surgeon:
“Some of the reasons they choose to come here are the geographical proximity, basically we are a few hours flight from some of the main North American cities. Also the quality of the service, the surgeon’s academic qualifications as well as the hospitals infrastructure, which is very good. Also the costs are much less than those they have to budget for in their countries of origin.”
9. Exterior of Rosenstock-Lieberman Plastic Surgery Centre
10. Hospital sign
11. Da Cruz Dos Santos performing operation
12. Close up of Da Cruz Dos Santos performing operation
13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Julie Al-Maskeen, plastic surgery patient:
” I think once all the bruising and swelling is down I’m going to be very happy. I have eyes! I can see my eyes. So, I think it’s very good.”
14. Close up of Clinica Santa Rita sign
15. Various of plastic surgeon Arnolodo Fournier Solano performing surgery
16. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Arnolodo Fournier Solano, plastic surgeon:
” Each day we have more patients coming. They are confident, they’ve seen the results on people who have visited and recommended us.”
17. Wide of lymphatic massage on patient
18. Various of massage
19. SOUNDBITE: (English) Virginia Carlson, plastic surgery patient:
” I had here – eyes, face, neck and lipo (suction). It cost me, I think, about US$8000. In the United States it would’ve probably be US$50,000.
20. Wide of Che Tica Ranch Recovery Retreat
21. Patient arriving at the Recovery Retreat
22. Owner of Che Tica Ranch Recovery Retreat Lorena Martin taking food to patient
23. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Lorena Martin, Owner of Che Tica Ranch Recovery Retreat:
“Many of the patients that come to Costa Rica, come two or three days prior to the surgery to get to know the country a bit. And then after the surgery, usually a couple of days before their departure, because they don’t want to spend more time in a room, they take various tours, such as the volcano, the beaches, butterfly farms. There are many places of interest here in Costa Rica.”
24. Plastic surgery patient Lori Rasmunssen sitting down to read in her cabin.
25. Pan from close up of the book to Lori’s face
26. SOUNDBITE: (English) Lori Rasmunssen, plastic surgery patient:
“It’s wonderful, it’s like family. I hear the little children outside and it reminds me of home. But it doesn’t make me homesick, it makes me feel more comfortable. And the food here is amazing – oh my word.”
27. Dentists at work
28. Women at the beach walking into the sea
29. Sunset at the beach
The Central American country of Costa Rica has long been a popular tourist destination.
The country offers beautiful beaches, volcanoes, national parks and much more.
But in recent years, Costa Rica has become a centre for another kind of tourism – medical tourism.
Thousands of people from all over the world come to Costa Rica to get medical treatment, plastic surgery and dental care.
Most of these medical tourists come to Costa Rica from the United States and Canada but some come from Europe and the rest of the world.
Luis Da Cruz Dos Santos, a Costa Rican plastic surgeon, says that geographical proximity to most North American cities is one of the main reasons for this new brand of tourism.
Plastic surgery patient Julie Al-Maskeen says she is delighted with her operations.
And another attraction is financial.
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