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Three Ways to Help Guanacaste, Costa Rica in 2021 – with #CostaRicaMatt

Guanacaste, Costa Rica is a special place on Earth – thousands of foreigners from all over the world call it home and have flocked here for the beautiful weather, wonderful people and amazing landscapes.

Just like everywhere, 2020 was an absolutely awful for the people of Guanacaste – the shutdown of international travel caused historic unemployment in a region that depends on tourism.

I have lived here since 2008 and now seen two major economic crises unfold in this area. In this video, I want to give tips to anyone thinking of moving to Guanacaste on how you can truly help this spectacular community.

My comments are a bit of a rant; after spending 7-8 years working in the non-profit sector in this region I have also seen the good, bad and ugly of the help that foreigners try to provide for locals.

Please, take this all with the grain of salt that there are thousands of ways to help your community; these are my general ideas for how expats in Guanacaste, Costa Rica can focus their “good intentions” into positive results for families and communities in this area.

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