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Tips for Costa Rica Caribbean Coast Side Vacations 2019

After exploring Costa Rica Caribbean Coast Side without any guides and making some mistakes here and there, we acquired a lot of knowledge about what to do and not to do and how to experience the real Costa Rica Caribbean Coast. So here are our best tips to help you get the most authentic experience possible while having a great time in Costa Rica Caribbean Coast Side.

Here are some tip to vacations Costa Rica Caribbean Coast Side

  • Getting to Costa Rica Caribbean Coast
    It is easily accessible, which is what made it such an important and prominent port for the country. Of course, this means it is possible to arrive by boat. More likely, however, you will take the Guapiles Highway from Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose.
  • The Culture
    The majority of residents of Costa Rica Caribbean Coast are of Caribbean descent as well. In these cities, most people speak Spanish, English, and Caribbean Patua.
  • The Festivities
    By far, the most exciting event in Caribbean Coast is the Dia de las Culturas, which is a carnival which is held every year on Columbus Day.
  • The Caribbean Beach
    One of the reasons why visitors are drawn to the Caribbean side is the beaches. The Caribbean South has some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, many with sparkling white sand, bright turquoise waters and swaying palm trees.
  • Indigenous Community
    Costa Rica Caribbean Coast Side is home to the BriBri, Costa Rica largest indigenous group. They live more in the mountain areas and still retain their culture, lifestyle, and traditions. This is a fascinating tour that gives you a peek into the life of the indigenous in Costa Rica.

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