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Punta Uva, Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful destinations in the whole world. This is Part 2 of a 3-part series where we explore the beaches of Punta Uva and give our Top 5 Travel Tips for someone visiting these beautiful beaches. During this Family adventure, we explore the beaches of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica which is one of the top things to do for families on vacation. Whether you want to do some fishing, hiking, kayaking or relaxing, Punta Uva is a beautiful Costa Rican destination.

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There are two main areas of Punta Uva, the first main entrance on the Puerto Viejo side of the cliff and the Arricife beach on the far side (or Manzanillo side) of the cliff. Both sides are extremely beautiful so which side should you choose? In this video we give you travel tips for your trip to this amazing vacation destination so you can know more before you arrive.

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Excerpt from video:
“Ok, so if you want to just relax and take it easy, go to either entrance and just hang out and plan on seeing the other side the next day. But if you are short on time and you want to see them both you can easily do it in a couple of hours. Whether you are walking, biking, or driving it will not take you long to check out the whole area. If you want tips on how to get to Punta Uva, check out our other video about how to get to Manzanillo because it’s exactly the same, just a little more than halfway between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo. So let’s go ahead and check out the first side closest to Puerto Viejo. From the main road from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo drive about 8 kilometers from Puerto Viejo until you see this sign and make a left and enjoy!”


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