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Top Reasons to visit Costa Rica

As a Dutch expat who’s lived & traveled in Costa Rica for 15 years, I would like to give you the top reasons to visit Costa Rica. There are many reasons to travel to Costa Rica so in this video I will touch on my personal reasons as to why I think you should visit Costa Rica.

One of the reasons is the fact that Costa Rica has many active volcanoes. The Arenal volcano is a perfect cone-shaped volcano surrounded by rainforest which is amazing to see. There are also volcanoes that allow for some good hiking and you’ll be able to hike around the crater taking in the amazing views.

Costa Rica has a lot of different microclimates and what’s so wonderful about that is that even though Costa Rica is a small country, you drive for only 2 hours and the scenery is completely different. In Costa Rica we have Rainforest, Tropical Dryforest, Clouforest, Mountains and beautiful beaches on both the Pacific side and the Caribbean side. Costa Rica offers different types of beaches. Beaches that are great for surfing, long beaches that allow for great morning walk, beaches where the rainforest meets the ocean.

There is something for everyone. If you don’t like the heat, find cooler temperatures in the mountains. If you are into adventure activities, come visit Costa Rica.. there is zipline canopy tours, hanging bridges, white water rafting, waterfall rappelling.

Another top reason to visit Costa Rica is the wildlife. There are over 900 different species of birds, monkeys, tapirs, different types of cats, sloths etc. Nature is absolutely amazing in Costa Rica. I want to invite you to visit Costa Rica.

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