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Transportes Centralamerica is owned by the family Ovares Bailey (Elías Ovares y su esposa Roshery Bailey), they have been in business since 1999, since our dad (also owner of one travel company and still on one of our cars) needed some help. Elias decided to finish Ecological Tourism at the prestigious UCR and join his father, who was a commercial manager of one Coffe farm and familiar tour company for a long time. Over the years, they have been in charge of thousands families and working in the backstage of important itineraries and important travel companies, such as The Bigger companies in Costa Rica, as well as working as divers, travel Director and bilingual guides on many other local programs developed in Costa Rica. Besides that, they have been doing ViP y private’s exclusive tours around Costa Rica. This is a family business – besides his father, his wife is one of the employees. They have a fleet of Mercedes Benz and one boat at the moment and have catered to clients such as Tornado Hunter Group , Four Seasons, VIP, AAA, Apple vacations and more

Elias Ovares
Transportes Centralamerica
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