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Traveling as a Raw Vegan to Costa Rica

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Karen Ranzi talks about traveling as a Raw Vegan to Costa Rica. The tropics are the perfect environment for raw vegans…the plentiful tropical variety of fruit, local leafy greens and vegetables, so much abundance. And the sunshine vitamin is readily available especially during the dry season. Karen Ranzi used to bring special equipment with her when she traveled years ago, but in tropical countries that is not necessary. All the local markets are filled with beautifully ripe fruits and vegetables. And if you want to go out for vegan and raw food you can google to find all the cafes and restaurants that are vegetarian, vegan and raw food or that have plenty of vegan and raw salads available. Traveling as a Raw Vegan in Costa Rica is easy. You will want to try some of the delicious fruits that are not so available in countries like the United States and countries in Europe. For example, you’ll want to try a Mamey Sapote, which is a deep orange inside with the texture of a sweet potato. You’ll want to try Chocolate Sapote or Black Sapote, which tastes like chocolate pudding. You’ll also want to try the perfect sweet yellow ripe pineapples and caimote, a stunning purple and white fruit. Traveling as a Raw Vegan in Costa Rica is the best place for a visit or even to consider moving there. The Costa Rican people are warm, the country is a luscious green landscape with the magnificent Pacific or Caribbean coasts and the fruits and vegetables are local and delicious. It’s also easy to find a lot of organic produce. Enjoy your traveling as a raw vegan to Costa Rica…Pura Vida!


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