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Tulum, Mexico I Creating a Life & Business I Love (and How You Can Too!) I Katrina Julia

Get insights into How I am Creating a Life, Business and Community I Love Traveling Globally// Tulum, Mexico May 2021 – July 2021 Minimum // And How You Can Too// Insights into My CREATE 7, Managing Time, Daily and Weekly Activities and Adventures!
#CREATEIT a Life & Biz You Love
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About ME – Katrina Julia//
I have walked from fear to faith, self hate to love, devaluing to purity, corporate to calling, and bondage to freedom and continue to! Every area of my life has transformed from the inside out.
I’m obsessed with creation, transformation & inspiration. I share & love all things faith, health, wealth, business, & travel. I was conceived in Bulgaria and born in Poland. I have traveled to over 28 countries. I host retreats as well.
I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, athlete, speaker, and author (in case you couldn’t tell yet! LOL). I am a proud member of Herbalife Nutrition. I am an MBA, CPA, CFE (and some other things LOL!). I have served in over 7 industries and generated results up to 8+ figures in a year!
I am the creator & CEO of FIT Life Creation – all in 1 lifestyle brand with health, wealth, & biz. We include experiences online & live, influencers & fundraisers.
My story and transformation //



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