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Using Sparktoro to build your marketing machine for your membership

Sparktoro is a piece of software which is going to change the game for marketing and building your membership!

I wanted to get Rand Fishkin from Sparktoro on the podcast today to go through exactly how you can use Sparktoro in your membership so that you can build a marketing machine for your membership.

Rand Fishkin (creator of MOZ) came on The Membership Mastery podcast today to speak about how to use Sparktoro to get the most out of your marketing.

I’ve personally been using Sparktoro to identify what podcasts to go on and where my audience hang out.

If you struggle to find your audience
Where they hang out
What other websites that they go to?
What podcasts & YouTube channels they watch?

Then Sparktoro will help you do this in a really simple straight forward piece of software – that’s FREE by the way!




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