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Varna Vanishing: The Unsolved Disappearance of Lars Mittank | True Crime Documentary

Lars Mittank, a compassionate and easygoing young man, was a hard working engineer and overall fantastic family man of Itzehoe, Germany. His free-spirited personality and love of all things travelling was cut short by an unexplainable, unsolved disappearance in July of 2014, leaving all who knew him around Northern Germany and the entirety of the internet at large grasping for answers in a sea of evidence that drowned us all in doubt…

As a hope to provide more substantial reasoning built upon observable evidence and situational analysis, this is an examination of Lars Mittank’s unsettling disappearance at the Varna Airport in Bulgaria and the mysterious CCTV footage that was released soon thereafter…

This is Cold Case Detective.

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Cold Case Detective was created by TJ Ruesch and the team behind Top5s & DestinationDeclassified. Our aim is to educate and spread awareness on some of the most puzzling missing person cases in history…

This is Cold Case Detective, shutting the blinds on unsolved mysteries as we seek to heat up another…


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