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Vent Valve Release with Hannah

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Safety Wing expat/travel insurance (I get commission)

If moving to the Kingdom of wonders is your dream, or anywhere for that matter; then stop crying about excuses, and go! Peace ✌🏼

Check out Jon’s channel

The Cambodia Expat Legend, No Joke Howard’s e book:
Stop being a Bitch, Quit your lame ass job & Move to Cambodia…

Dave Royce’s guide to Cambodia:…

Dave’s Channel:…

Phones.I go with Metfone and 100GB of data is $8!

Currency Conversion Chart.

American Online Bank.

Cambodian Online Bank.…

Cheap TEFL:

Start a business:


Tax Info:…

CV/Resume templates:…

Get your stuff from Amazon safely:


My Preferred gear on Amazon:…

Legit dog breeder:
Perfect Pedigree

Health Care:

Health Insurance:
1) Safety Wing @$37/mo

2) World Nomads

3) Allianz

Tours/ Sights:
1) Cruises from PP to SR via Tonle Sap:

2) One of the best bus lines for SE Asia:

3) Angkor Wat tours:…

4) Koh Rong tour:

5) Fauna in Focus (Conservation Group):…

Go to school:
1) University of Southeast Asia

2) University of Cambodia

3) CLEP your degree (just one example):…


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