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Our Main Values are inserted in all of our programs: Happy Lifestyle, Comfort, Sustainability, Lasting Impressions
We like happy students, and we know that this means for them : Good food, good beds, a/c, hot water, internet everywhere.
But considerably more important is that we provide opportunities for them to connect with THE PURE ENJOYMENT OF NATURE, THE PURA VIDA LIFE, that will make a positive and hopefully permanent impact throughout their lifes.
The PURA VIDA life is the result of a sustainable lifestyle that fully respects biodiversity: pure air, clean water, where plants, animals and humans live in harmony. The consequences of this lifestyle are happier, more generous, and empathic people.
We want students to remember their trip through special meetings with impressive people and impressive experiences, what we call CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE
What will remain in the conscience of students after haven taken a bath in a clean river, seen the canopy of the rain forest, observe turtles laying eggs in the beach, …. Is more durable, it is connecting with Costa Rican people that live and breathe to protect their values of sustainability. Every one of our programs will include a sustainability heroe that will make a lasting impression on students.
These new discoveries will make them more aware of the environmental problems of their communities, making them agents of change, contributing their knowledge, vision and support for the common good of the planet. This makes students better persons and consequently better professionals.


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