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Visiting Tortuguero, Costa Rica: National Park, Turtles and Canals

A short video about our trip to Tortuguero, Costa Rica. We went with Pachira who provided everything for us. We did a boat ride in the national park, visited the town, saw turtles and enjoyed the jungle.


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Good morning everybody, today we are waiting in front of our hotel in downtown San Jose to get picked up by Pachira to go to Tortuguero. Tortuguero is a beautiful place on the Caribbean coast known for its wildlife and national park. Our transpiration just arrived so let’s go and see Tortuguero.

We’re at the main dock of Pachira lodge as we’re about to go on a boat ride through the national park. We’re going to go through the canals and hopefully see a lot of wildlife. It’s a beautiful day so let’s go.

We’re about to take a boat to go to the small town of Tortuguero. We’re going to go walk around the beach and see what the town is like. It’s very small, it only has about 2000 people.

Another activity that they offer is an easy 1 kilometer walk. It’s a great way to also see nature and wildlife.

Today is our last day here in Tortuguero and we’re actually about to go take the boat back to La Pavona to head back to San Jose. We had a great time here in Tortuguero and Pachira Lodge. We saw a ton of wildlife and enjoyed a lot of the nature that’s around.

Pachira makes it really easy to visit Tortuguero, as they include everything from transportation to food to activities and they have packages from one day to two or three or four or however how long you want to stay.

So if you guys want to learn more information about Tortuguero and Pachira, please click on the links below. I hope you guys enjoyed our video because we absolutely love Tortuguero, it’s a magical place in Costa Rica.

Thank you for watching and hope you guys enjoyed the video.


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