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Weight Loss Surgery Costa Rica – Experience Testimonial

Weight Loss Surgery Journey of Tom Vravis who visited Costa Rica for the Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Medical Tourism Corporation based in Plano, TX USA who arranges affordable discounted medical travel to top hospitals in Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Europe & more, arranged the trip. After considering Laprascopic Gastric Banding (lap band), Gastric Bypass Roux-en-Y & Sleeve Gastrectomy, he decided on a Gastric Sleeve procedure. Tom shares about his research for medical treatment abroad, the anxiety of overseas medical treatment, and what he discovered in his bariatric surgery journey overseas. He was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the hospital, cleanliness, quality service of the staff, the post-surgery medical care, and more. Tom was impressed by the board-certified English speaking bariatric surgeon & doctors. Tom selected Medical Tourism Corporation due to the fast & clear communication experience. In the process, Tom saved money due to the special low-cost weight loss surgery prices abroad.

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