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We're Moving To Costa Rica: Update On Our Move: March Update

We’re moving to Costa Rica! And in this video, we are catching you up to date with where we are on our choosing Costa Rica, the steps we’ve taken so far to move, and the steps we still need to take before we leave.

0:00 intro
1:10 Our list of need-to-haves in our new home outside the US
4:08 Our top 2 countries we considered
5:28 Starting our plan to move to Costa Rica
6:59 Where we will be living in Costa Rica
7:35 Paperwork we completed for our permanent residency in Costa Rica
8:58 Paperwork and steps we still need to complete for our move to CR
10:37 Our new timeline on when we plan on moving
11:53 A BIG to-do we already knocked off of our list

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