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White veganism & speciesism \ The truth about vegan infighting

Let’s talk about white veganism and speciesism. What is white veganism and how is it related to speciesism? Should vegans care about dismantling white supremacy? Is caring about intersectionality and white veganism speciesist? What does consistent anti-oppression in the vegan movement look like? In today’s video I’m answering all these questions and sharing my thoughts on the current controversies in the vegan movement/vegan infighting going on. This is my take as a life-long vegan who grew up in the vegan movement, on what I think about white veganism and speciesism and what direction the vegan movement and movement for animal liberation should go!

00:00 Intro
00:51 background on the controversy
02:43 what is white veganism
03:57 what intersectional vegans get right
07:30 where the focus on white veganism goes wrong

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Brenda Sanders
John Lewis (Badass vegan)
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Species Revolution
Aph Ko (Black Vegans Rock)
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