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Why choose Advance Dental Costa Rica At Advance Dental Costa Rica, since our foundation one of our priorities is for the patient to feel what he wants is what matters, that none of his needs will be understated.

We have followed the main idea of generating a personalized service, making sure all your questions are answered in a prompt and honest way.

We work hard to make sure all your phone calls or inquiries made via email are communication tools for us to take care of all the doubts you may have.

We are aware when speaking of teeth there are always a lot of doubts, and we want to make sure all the information that leaves our office is the information you need and is presented in a concise and clear way to avoid doubt and confusions.

This, plus the attention from our team which is trained for satisfying all your needs, makes Advance Dental Costa Rica the dental clinic where you don’t have to expect long hours to be assisted, where the interaction with our doctors will be precisely the one you need, and your doubts regarding treatments are clarified on a prompt and precise way.


At Advance Dental Costa Rica we believe a first level and updated education is the base for giving you a dental experience beyond compare.

Dr. Eugenio J. Brenes made his full time residency for a period of 4 years at Loma Linda University, where he was in contact with the best dentists of the world, where their knowledge is imparted as a part of the curriculum. As part of his education he received a diploma as specialist in dental implants, restorations and porcelain veneers.

We have made sure all the specialists who are in contact with our patients have fulfilled a formal education at recognized institutions.
As a part of our philosophy, our staff is enrolled in continuous education programs in their areas, in order to have a solid ground and giving solutions to your needs.


We are located at CIMA Hospital, Escazu, at a very convenient place with the proper infrastructure to lodge our office.

Our office is a clear example of a cutting edge dental office, not only for the high quality level of our equipment and products we put in your mouth, which are all availed by FDA, the Health Ministry and ADA and are guaranteed to be safe for your general and oral health, but also for the planning of our surgical spaces, which have been designed for you not to think you are on a dental office. Also, our sterilization techniques are realized with high technology equipments so that we can always have sterile instruments, and we count with the support of a hospital globally certified, in case of any emergency.


In order to operate, a dental office in Costa Rica has to be credited by the Health Ministry and the College of Dental Surgeons. 98% of Dental offices stop there. However, as a part of our continuous improvement policies we have decided to get accreditation from other institutions, in order to offer a higher standard to our patients.

For example, we have an international accreditation from AAAASF, institution based on the United States which certifies medical practices that fulfill sterilization standards, privacy management, emergency protocols and quality management according with U.S.A. regulations. This accreditation was given to us on 2011, and since then we have fulfilled the requirements.

Dr. Eugenio J. Brenes is also certified as a member of the American College of Prosthodontists. This institution is responsible for safekeeping the specialty in oral restorations. To be a member of this institution you have to have taken a residency at a university in the United States with training on dental implants, crowns, artificial teeth and all the areas concerning rehabilitation of the mouth. Dr. Brenes has been a member since 2008.

Being certified by other institutions is a requirement. However, we think one of the most transparent ways of validating our word is by letting a third person confirm we are really what we say we are.

At Advance Dental Costa Rica we have worked hardly since 2007 so that we can offer you the best dental treatments on predictable innovative ways.

We are very grateful with our patients, who have trusted us and have been able to understand our different way of practicing dentistry in Costa Rica.

If you want to know more about our service culture, continuous drive to improve and excellence, and if you wish to be one of our patients, please contact us.


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