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Have you heard that Costa Rica is awesome? This video tells you why I’m leaving… and why maybe you should too.

0:00 Introduction
0:25 Lack of Modern Conveniences
1:14 Apps Are Almost Worthless
1:48 A Relatively Expensive Country
2:54 Doesn’t Have Much Manufacturing Power
3:18 Tourists Tend to Jack Up Prices
4:11 Costa Rica Feels Crowded to Me
5:40 I’ve Learned A Lot of Skills
6:43 An Extremely Peaceful Place
7:51 My Mission Here Has Been Accomplished
8:08 The Most Travel Friendly Country
9:42 I’m Definitely Coming Back!
10:04 This Is A Life Changing Experience to Me
10:12 You Should Experience the Pura Vida Life Too!
11:01 Comment, Like and Subscribe

The first reason I’m leaving Costa Rica is the lack of modern conveniences. They’re a small enough country that they don’t have tons of restaurants, they don’t have Uber or Lyft or stuff like that.

The next reason is that a lot of apps that I used to meet people are almost worthless. Tinder isn’t great unless you’re in big cities, another app I love called Tandem is also almost worthless.

Another reason is that Costa Rica is pretty expensive. They don’t have a lot of manufacturing power, so a lot of stuff gets imported and they have high import taxes.

Tourists tend to jack up the prices in some places in Costa Rica. I’m an obvious tourist so I always get the highest prices :’) Some people will jack up the prices if they see you’re a tourist.

This also makes the country feel “crowded” to me. It feels like there are a lot of tourists here and I’m not a big fan of that. If that’s your game, this is a pro and not a con 🙂

But the chief reason that I am leaving Costa Rica isn’t a con:

The first time I got into marketing, I learned my skills in Costa Rica. And now that I’m making the shift to software engineering, I came to Costa Rica again to do the deep learning work that I needed to learn the skills I need…

and mission accomplished 🙂

I will return to Costa Rica at some point. For sure it’s a great location for me to bring friends and family who want to travel for their first time.

I also recommend that you visit Costa Rica, especially if you’re a first time traveler or an expat. It’s a great place, super friendly, and prices are lower than in the USA.


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