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Zipline In Costa Rica – Epic

Ziplineing in Costa Rica Is Awesome!
And.. This tour is a bargain and a half!
This Tour by Adventure Tours is Costa Rica’s Best Value Tour. Near Tamarindo is the best value tour I have found so far in my 2 months in Costa Rica.

This Tour is called the “Super Combo Rincon De La Vieja” It can be booked through the tour agent right across the street from the Big Tamarindo Sign in the Plaza!

The tour includes:
1 hour of horse back riding through the forest.
Ziplining (around 9 lines)
Rock Climbing
Tubing down rapids (about 1 hour)
All you can eat lunch (included)
Then after that… they take you to a volcanic mud and natural springs.

Your transposition is also included (it is about an hour and a half drive each way)

you will get picked up at your hostel or hotel at 6:30am and be dropped back off around 6:30pm.

All of this costs just $130USD!

I don’t normally do paid tours like this while traveling, but this one is such a great value that I am glad I did it and would definitely recommend it if you are planning on coming to Tamarindo.


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